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Hello. My name is Joshua Clinard. I am a tech guy. I love technical things. I love making them work, making them work better and making them work for you. I can provide products and services to clients large and small..

My passion for computers and technology began when I was a teenager after I received a computer book from a friend. I was so engaged with that book, I couldn’t put it down. Once I learned how to use computers, I was also eager
to learn how they worked. I saved up my money for a few year and bought my first computer. A year later, I built my first computer from scratch. I launched my first website shortly after that, and have built many more since then.

I have a wide variety of experience in technology. My education included military training, an Associates Degree in Computer Administration from Texas State Technical College, and on the job training.


I have:
6 years in the US Navy with sonar and navigational tech

10 years of information technology experience, in retail, education and medical organizations.

Throughout my career, I have gained extensive experience with a variety of technologies, including CCTV surveillance systems, door access control systems, networking gear and ,related equipment. VOIP hone systems, Windows Servers, and more.

Here are some of the projects I managed during my career.

  • Deployment and configuration of WIFI access points & network switches. (Meraki and Ubiquity)
  • Installation of security cameras and configuration of video surveillance systems.
  • Installation, operation, and maintenance of Windows servers and roles including AD, Group Policy, DHCP, and Radius.
  • Installation of large 4K Displays throughout the organization.
  • Setup an access control system complete with identification badges and door entry.
  • Used various software and services to deploy Windows OS images and software to PC's and laptops.
  • Used Group Policy to configure workstations automatically with required settings
  • Ran many Cat5 cable runs and installed network drops throughout the organizations.
  • Experience with G Suite for Education, and Chromebook deployment and management.
  • Experience with Office 365 and Azure Services